Umrah Visa

Pilgrims of Umrah arriving in Makkah for the holy rituals must get their Umrah visas from a certified travel agency like Hajj Umrah Hub. To facilitate your pilgrimage travel and make the visa procedures hassle-free for you, our professional travel agents and visa experts take care of it all when it comes to Umrah Visa. 

Hajj Umrah Hub’s specialized services not only minimize travel delays for you but also any chance of visa refusal because professionals are supervising your visa processing. There are a range of Umrah visa options that you get with us; a specific Umrah Visa and an Umrah permit on your work, visit or family visa to KSA.

Get in touch with us, communicate your demands and get an Umrah Visa that best suits your travel preferences.

Hajj Visa

A Hajj Visa is an essential requirement for Hajj pilgrims arriving for the holy rituals of obligatory pilgrimage in the month of Dhul Hijjah. Hajj is the annual pilgrimage that Muslims observe in Makkah because it is obligatory for anyone who has the financial, physical and mental capability for it. Millions arrive in the holy land with Hajj Umrah Hub’s pilgrimage services after obtaining a valid Hajj Visa.

Hajj visas by Hajj Umrah Hub are available on a limited basis. The reason for this is that millions of pilgrimages travel from across the globe and the USA to offer hajj rituals during this time. Saudi officials restrict the number of Hajj pilgrims arriving in the region for crowd management and that’s why Hajj visas have a limited number every year. However, you don’t have to worry about it with Hajj Umrah Hub. We ensure the availability of a Hajj Visa for you; whether you are pre-booking or opting for the Hajj rituals at the last minute!

Saudi Tour Visa

Keeping in view the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, the kingdom introduced the eligibility of Saudi Tour Visa for everyone worldwide. If you are a Muslim arriving in KSA with a Saudi Tour Visa through Hajj Umrah Hub’s authorized services, not only you can tour the region and explore it without any restrictions but also you are eligible to offer Umrah rituals on it. In other words, if you have a Hajj Umrah Hub’s Saudi Tour Visa, you don’t need to apply for a specific Umrah Saudi visa when you are intending for holy rituals during your visit. Just download the Nusuk app and obtain your Umrah permits on your existing visa. 

For a more streamlined process, let the professionals at Hajj Umrah Hub handle your arrangements for holy rituals on your Saudi Tour Visa.

Why Choose Our Umrah Visa Application Service?

Hajj Umrah Hub is your ideal companion for Umrah packages with visa application services. Our agency holds a distinctive market reputation because of the expedited delivery and timely services we offer for Visa Umrah. Plus, our trustworthy business history and a satisfied client network further add to our credibility for the best Umrah Saudi visa services in the USA. 

Our team members have the right expertise to help you gather the necessary documents, and ensure their validation and submission for a hassle-free visa procedure. Our faster Umrah Visa application services are a hallmark of Hajj Umrah Hub’s popularity in the USA Umrah market. 

We offer packaged services for our clients with the Umrah Visa. You can prebook your travel, and accommodation services as well as hire us for other logistical arrangements of your pilgrimage trip. So that you can devote all of your time to the holy rituals and leave the management hassles to us. 

Hajj Umrah Hub operates 24/7 customer support for your assistance with multilingual features. Whether you have any queries related to Umrah Visa processing and documentation, require an update on your application status or need to resolve any errors in the documents our representatives are there for your help. We offer immediate solutions on the spot to help you save time and cost. 

We don’t charge any extra fee for your Saudi Visa processing. Communicating everything clearly to our clients, Hajj Umrah Hub ensures cost-effectiveness for your Umrah Visa and Hajj visa. If you want a personalized Umrah visa feature that supports your pilgrimage travel as well as other pilgrimage arrangements in KSA, we can arrange for it all! 

So, get your Visa Umrah through Hajj Umrah Hub and travel peacefully for the holy rituals.

Saudi e-Visa Requirements


To apply for a Saudi e-visa with Hajj Umrah Hub you must submit a clear scan of your valid passport, that has an expiry date of at least six months beyond your departure date. 

Personal photos

A passport-size photograph of the applicant is also a basic requirement of a Saudi e-Visa with Hajj Umrah Hub. It must have a white background, coloured and possess a clear frontal face view of the applicant (no side angles).


Visit the official Saudi e-Visa portal through Hajj Umrah Hub’s platform; fill out the application form with valid details, attach the required documents, pay the required fee (if any) and get your Saudi e-Visa immediately.

Saudi Umrah visa Requirements


Pilgrims intending for Umrah must fill out the Saudi Visa application for Umrah available at Hajj Umrah Hub. It must contain all the valid, personal details of the applicant along with the required documents.


The passport of the applicant applying for an Umrah Visa should have a validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival in KSA and two pages empty for entry/exit stamps. If your passport doesn’t fulfil any of these two requirements, consider getting a new one before applying for an Umrah Visa.

Personal photo

Two passport-sized coloured photographs of the applicant (2x2 inches) on a white background are required for an Umrah Visa. Hajj Umrah Hub advises the applicants to submit a clear face view from a frontal angle to avoid any inconveniences later because angled photographs are unacceptable.

Vaccination certificate

All of the pilgrims arriving in Makkah, regardless of their travel region, must possess vaccination certificate(s) and submit the proof at the time of visa application submission. The vaccination requirements for each pilgrim vary depending on his/her country. For the latest updates, contact professionals at Hajj Umrah Hub and know of the necessary vaccination requirements for your Umrah travel.

Proof of relationship (for women and children)

A Mahram certificate is required for women travelling alone (issued by her Mahram).

For children under 18 years of age, they must travel with their parents or guardian (proof of guardianship) for Umrah rituals. 

No-objection letter (for women travelling with a group)

For women travelling alone with a group of other female pilgrims, a no-objection certificate signed by her Mahram is necessary i.e. permitting her to travel for Umrah rituals alone.


A confirmed, non-refundable, return airline ticket copy is another basic requirement for getting an Umrah visa as it confirms the pilgrim’s arrival and timely departure from KSA.
Visit to apply for your Umrah visa.

Saudi Tourist e-Visa Requirements

Submit visa application

The first step to obtaining your Saudi Tour Visa with e-services by Hajj Umrah Hub is submitting your visa application. You can visit our official website or go to the Saudi e-visa portal online and fill in all of the credentials properly.

Pay visa fees

The Saudi Tour Visa issued with e-services includes the visa fee, health insurance, and transaction fees. In addition, the fee may be different for different travellers depending upon their citizenship and region of stay. So, get the latest Saudi tourist e-visa fee rates by visiting Hajj Umrah Hub’s website at 

Receive approved visa

Once you fill out the Saudi Tour Visa application form online and pay the visa fee, you can get your approved visa within a few days on your registered email address with Hajj Umrah Hub.
Have any confusion? Let us handle your Saudi Tour Visa application submission and delivery!

Frequently Asked Question

Do you need a visa to go to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, if travelling to Saudia Arabia for touring purposes or offering the holy rituals of Umrah and Hajj, you need a valid visa for it. There are different types of visas available for travellers to KSA with the Hajj Umrah Hub. Namely; an Umrah Visa for Muslims intending for the Umrah pilgrimage, a Hajj Visa for pilgrims opting for the performance of obligatory pilgrimage during the month of Dhul Hijjah and a Saudi Tour Visa that allows you to tour the region as well as perform Umrah rituals on it

What is the Umrah visa fee from the USA?

The Umrah Visa fee from the USA depends on the season of travel and other factors. However, with Hajj Umrah Hub, you will get the lower rates guaranteed with an average price of $173 to $220. On the other hand, if you are intending for Umrah rituals on your visit to the kingdom with Hajj Umrah Hub’s Saudi Tour Visa (e-Services) the fee ranges from $39 for standard processing of 3-6days and $79 for express processing within 24 hours. For the latest visa pricing and processing fees, visit our website at

How long does it take to get a visa for Saudi Arabia?

The period required for getting a visa for Saudia Arabia with Hajj Umrah Hub depends upon the type of visa and processing method opted for. Tourist e-Visa; 24 to 72 hours, Umrah Visa; 5 to 10 business days, Business Visa; 1-2 weeks (for standard processing) and 3-5 business days (for express processing), and Hajj Visa; 7 to 14 weeks. For timely delivery of your visa, make sure that you apply for it as soon as possible, especially during the peak seasons.

Can USA residents travel to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, USA residents can easily travel with Hajj Umrah Hub to Saudia Arabia for tourism purposes, hajj rituals and Umrah performances. USA residents get a visa-on-arrival facility as well as expedited e-services for Saudi Tour Visa to further streamline their travel.

How to Get a Saudi Umrah Visa from the USA?

To get your Saudi Umrah visa from the USA, go through the channel of a Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah-certified travel agency like Hajj Umrah Hub. Submit your valid travel documents i.e. passport, travel itinerary, prebooked hotel accommodation proof, copy of return airline tickets, vaccination certificates and any other region-specific documentation requirement along with the payment of Umrah visa fee to get your visa processed. You can get an Umrah Visa from the USA as well as an Umrah permit on a Saudi Tour Visa.